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Emergency Dentistry in Anchorage, AK

WHAT IS A dental emergency?

Dental emergencies can be scary and painful, but our dental team at Woodside Dental Group is here to help you feel calm and confident in receiving the quick, effective treatment you need includes conditions, accidents, and trauma that require immediate attention.
Among the most common dental emergencies our dentists see are:

• Objects lodged between teeth

• Severe tooth pain or sensitivity

• Partially dislodged teeth

• Injuries to the gums or lips

• Broken or lost dental restorations

• Trauma to the jaws, gums, or teeth

What should I do in a dental emergency?

If you are facing a dental emergency, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Our team at Woodside Dental Group will do our best to see you quickly (most times same-day!), and when you call us, you’ll get a real, live person in our office, who can answer questions and help you understand your options and the next steps you should take. If you have experienced trauma to the head or neck, we encourage you to visit the emergency room or general doctor first. For dental emergencies, please call now. We can help you in this stressful time.


If you are trying to get an emergency addressed the best thing to do is give us a call. We have a doctor on call in Anchorage, AK to handle all inquiries to help you determine the next steps to take. Our policy is to never turn away a patient in pain. So rest assured, we will help you same day.


What if the office is closed?

At Woodside Dental Group we always have an emergency dentist at our Anchorage, AK location on call to address your emergency inquiries. There are three ways to get hold of a doctor for an emergency: Call our office and choose the after hours emergency option, using our website chat, or message us through our google listing. The quickest way to get a response is through our web chat feature on the bottom right corner of this website. 

Do you take Medicaid and what benefits does it cover?

We are an emergency Medicaid dentist in Anchorage, AK. All emergency procedures are covered under the emergent benefit. This includes an exam, x-ray, and extraction. If you are have a tooth ache and want to save the tooth with a root canal and crown, you will have benefit to cover some but not all the procedure at zero cost to you. Every July 1st, your Medicaid insurance renews and you have $1150 that can cover those procedures. However it will not cover all the procedure and you will have an out of pocket expense for a portion of the crown. It is the standard of care to place a crown on a root canal treated tooth or else you risk a significant fracture that could compromise the integrity. If fractured beyond repair, you would be left no choice but remove the tooth.

Do you accept insurance after hours?

Because our office is closed we do not have the team available to verify if your insurance is active. Therefore all after hour emergencies require payment at time of insurance. We do however take your insurance information at that appointment and process the claim the next business day. Once claims are paid we will have our insurance coordinator contact you to issue a refund of your benefit.

How much would an extraction cost after hours?

All after hour visits have a $200 emergency fee in addition to the $117 exam, $44 x-ray, and $396 extraction. Therefore the sum total of one extraction after hours is $757. 

No Insurance? No Worries!

We NEVER want finances to be a barrier to you getting the 5-star care you deserve! That's why, in addition to affordable payment options!
We're proud to offer quality dental care for less than a dollar per day!

What can I do at home to relieve pain until I see a doctor?

Depending on the dental emergency you are experiencing, here are some suggestions you can do now to help relieve pain. Some efforts include:

  • Dissolve a teaspoon of salt into a mug of warm water and use it as mouthwash
  • If your tooth is knocked out, place it in a glass of milk until you can see your dentist
  • Try flossing to eliminate any gum pressure
  • Use a cold compress on the swelling or painful area
  • Swish with Hydrogen Peroxide to kill bacteria
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate pain
  • Places cotton ball lightly soaked in eugenol oil next to the painful tooth