Wisdom Teeth Procedure in Anchorage, AK


Patient smiling after wisdom teeth extraction in Anchorage, AK

Wisdom Teeth usually develop in young adults. Wisdom teeth can present challenges because they can be very difficult to keep clean, can be painful, or there may not be enough room for them in the mouth and they’re therefore highly susceptible to tooth decay, infection, and gum disease.

When getting wisdom teeth extraction at our Anchorage, AK location we strongly recommend being sedated for the procedure. Dr. Green is licensed and trained in IV sedation this to help you have a good experience in surgery. but we can give anti inflammatory drugs through an IV that will significantly help manage post operative discomfort. 

The best time to get wisdom teeth removed is between the ages of 17-25. Although we recommend getting screened with a CBCT 3D image around the age of 15-16 to see the progression of the wisdom tooth development in order to determine the best window for surgery for optimal healing. Dr. Green has been trained on latest techniques in wisdom teeth removal and can offer services that dramatically reduce post operative pain such as PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). 

At Woodside Dental Group we provide wisdom teeth extraction at our Anchorage, AK location with a variety of sedation options to ensure you have a pain free experience. We accept most insurances and are a medicaid provider. This entire procedure, including sedation, is covered at 100% under the Denali Kid Care program, also known at Medicaid. Call out office or schedule a consultation with our link on the upper right side of this page.