struggling to get a good night's sleep?


Our office is about total wellness, and doing what we can to make sure that you have a beautiful smile AND a healthy body. In recent years, there have been a lot of new studies on the effects of airway function on sleep, and overall health. If your airway is blocked, or too small, you’re not getting the oxygen that your body needs to function, and we see a number of issues arise in both adults and children, as a result.

But wait…what does this have to do with dentistry!? Well, your airway starts in your mouth! Our Doctor has undergone extensive training to be able to diagnose and treat airway, breathing, and sleep issues in her patients, because she feels so passionately about the effects of sleep on her patient’s overall health.

Having trouble sleeping or breathing? Feeling tired, or experiencing other residual effects of poor sleep? Read on to find out about how we can help!

How do oxygen levels affect sleep?

When oxygen levels in the blood drop, your body responds by releasing stress hormones and partially waking you up –– as many as 400 times a night.

Does my age affect the likelihood I suffer from sleep apnea?

As you get older, the brain has a harder time keeping the muscles in the airways tight during sleep. During the night, they're more likely to sag, closing off the airways and momentarily cutting off the oxygen supply.

What are some reasons I might have airway issues?

There are a number of reasons your airway may be restricted, including the size and shape of the dental arch, tongue tie, weight, chronic nasal congestion, and more

Is a CPAP machine the only way to treat sleep apnea?

No! In fact, we see many patients who are able to resolve their sleep issues with the help of a simple dental device that is less invasive and cumbersome than a CPAP machine

How does sleep apnea affect my health?

Sleep is critical to your body’s functioning. If you’ve been struggling to get a good night’s sleep, then you know how difficult it can be to function and feel good without giving your body adequate time to recharge each night. Airway issues that cause you to wake constantly and never really fall in to “deep sleep” have a number of very concerning implications, including: