Yes! We accept medicaid

We proudly serve medicaid patients, and promise the caring, gentle, 5-star experience you deserve

Treatment Medicaid Coverage
Extractions Covered as part of your extraction benefit
Denture/Partial Denture Covered as part of your denture/partial benefit
Exam and Xray Counts towards your annual $1150 allowance
Crowns Counts towards your annual $1150 allowance
Cleanings Counts towards your annual $1150 allowance
Root Canal Counts towards your annual $1150 allowance
Fillings Counts towards your annual $1150 allowance

Understand your benefits

Each year your Medicaid benefits renew in July. There are essentially three benefits (you can think of them like three “buckets”) that you receive.

Frequently Asked questions

Medicare does not cover implants therapy. The only solution that Medicaid covers for missing teeth is either partial dentures or full dentures.

We do not except Medicare. Medicare is specifically medical insurance only and does not include a dental benefit.

Yes Medicaid will cover IV sedation for procedures that require surgery. For example if you need wisdom teeth removed they will cover the sedation for that procedure

The covered benefits of broken down into three parts emergency dental procedures, preventative dental procedures, and replacing missing teeth. Please reference our detailed benefits breakdown above.

 Yes, if it involves surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions.

using medicaid for my child

If you are under 21 then all dental services are covered with no limit. If you’re over 21 then you have $1150 that renews every July and that would covers preventative care and restorative treatment (crowns, fillings, cleanings, etc). 

Can I use medicaid for a dental emergency?

Emergency services such as a limited exam, single x-ray, and extraction are covered at 100% and it doesn’t take away from that yearly allotment of money. Denture benefit is covered at 100% and it also does not take away from that allotment of money. although you can only get a new denture/partial denture every five years.

How to apply for Medicaid

Download and print this form
submit it in person at the Muldoon District Office,
or you can come into our office and we can print it for you.